Platinum provides systemized and skilled cleaning services to largest mall operator in country. – Platinum Cleaning

Corporate Offices

Platinum provides systemized and skilled cleaning services to largest mall operator in country.

Focused and equipped with sustainable equipment, Platinum introduces a flexible strategy to the corporate headquarters of Simon Property Group, Indianapolis, IN, to ensure high-quality services.

Challenge: Manage and supervise janitorial services for a 320,000 sq. ft., 15-story office building.

Organizing cleaning services for a large corporate headquarters requires a strategy that holds staff accountable and indicates clear measurements for success. When the client hired Platinum on account of its capabilities and local reputation, Platinum approached the challenge with a flexible system that encouraged a high quality of cleaning services and included:

  • A five-step quality program with FLA measurement in five areas[KG2]
  • A payment system that included a monthly 2% payment increase or decrease dependent on service quality
  • Measuring and tracking attendance, safety, and management’s quality inspections
  • Providing a new staff and training them on an accelerated timeline
  • Conducting disciplined inspections to ensure the provision of high-quality services
  • Using sustainable products and optimizing energy consumption
  • Providing floor care and cleaning offices, restrooms, common areas, and kitchen facilities

Solution: A flexible, but focused, strategy that holds staff accountable for providing high-quality services ensures client’s satisfaction.

Platinum achieved the client’s goals by implementing a reward system that motivated staff to provide a high quality of services and identified key performance indicators that clarified expectations for staff. To maintain high-quality service, Platinum conducted inspections and increased standards for measuring quality each year. Platinum also used sustainable products and optimized energy consumption and operating costs by turning off lights for unused spaces and creating a detailed plan for low-energy cleaning. Training the new staff on an accelerated timeline also allowed Platinum to provide supplemental coverage two weeks before the contract transition, when the existing vendor was phasing out.


  1. Common Area Cleaning
  2. Floor Care
  3. Janitorial Maintenance
  4. Kitchen Facility Cleaning
  5. Office Cleaning
  6. Planning
  7. Restroom Cleaning
  8. Staff Management
  9. Sustainable Cleaning

Results: Platinum’s accountability system enables staff to manage 360-degree service for the large corporate headquarters.

Although managing and supervising a large office building can intimidate even a well-trained staff, Platinum ensures service is consistent and top-rate by providing clear standards for service and creating methods for holding staff accountable. In addition to Platinum’s systems for maintaining excellent service, Platinum uses sustainable products and develops methods to optimize energy consumption on site. As a result, the client is satisfied with how Platinum responds to each cleaning assignment with enough resources to ensure that jobs are completed correctly.

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