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We clean more than 35 million square feet daily.

Let us do your full-service cleaning and maintenance, so you can focus on providing the highest level of care and customer service to your clients.

We clean more than 35 million square feet daily.

Let us do your full-service cleaning and maintenance, so you can focus on providing the highest level of care and customer service to your clients.

We keep you clean, compliant, and sustainable.

Experts in commercial cleaning, our janitorial services are unsurpassed and involve regular cleaning and maintenance — all the duties that ensure your workplace is ready for visitors and business each day.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Rest rooms, breakrooms, kitchens, employee lounges, and other high-use spaces need extra care to keep employees clean and healthy.

Floor Sweeping + Vacuuming

Minimizing soil and grit entrapment with regular cleaning prevents excess wear and tear and extends the life of floor surfaces.

Day Porter/Maid Services

During the workday, we’ll keep your facility looking clean, presentable, and properly maintained between regularly-scheduled cleanings.

Janitorial Maintenance

Preserving your space and protecting the life of heavy-traffic surfaces over years of service is essential.

Sustainable Green Cleaning

Using concentrated, non-toxic green cleaning products and systems leaves your facility sparkling without compromising employee health.

Restroom Sanitation

Cleaning restrooms regularly and correctly is critical to maintain a clean, healthy and odor-free space.

Refrigerator Cleaning

Professional deep cleaning of all the flat surfaces, grooves, and hard to reach places reduces bacteria and encourages a healthier workplace.

Trash + Recycling Removal

Take the hassle out of waste removal for your business with trash pickup, waste removal, recycling and dumpster rental services.

Carpet Cleaning

Extend the life of your carpets with our professional, deep cleaning service to improve cleanliness and enhance your company’s image.

Platinum’s commitment to sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond meeting clients’ requirements and complying with regulations at the local, state, provincial or national levels.

Whether we’re reducing greenhouse gas emissions, developing new ways to conserve water or promoting renewable energy, our commitment to sustainability drives innovation, resiliency, reduces risk, and provides attractive project life cycle returns on investment.

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Platinum provides a variety of building maintenance services to suit your industry.

We provide support and services for building cleanliness and upkeep, including custodial, maintenance, grounds and material handling.


Whether a small touch up or full-building refresh, we use low VOC paints, as part of our commitment to safety and sustainability.

Move Management

Simultaneous communication and logistics coordination with moving companies and building staff makes for a seamless transition.

Construction Cleanup

Trash and debris disposal, polishing, detail cleaning, dusting, and more ensure all spaces are occupancy-ready post-construction.

Production Support

Through expert operations and management oversight, our integrated facility solutions provide support where you need it most.

Window Washing

High-rise, mid-rise, or storefront window cleaning by professionals with rope access, powered platforms, aerial lifts or ladders.

Specialty Carpet Cleaning

We maintain specialty and high-traffic carpets with care, using compatible solutions and innovative techniques to prevent deterioration.

Snow Removal

When inclement weather hits, Platinum’s experienced teams are equipped to respond quickly to remove snow and ice.

Air Duct Cleaning

Regular cleaning of air ducts leads to increased energy efficiency, reduced indoor air pollution, and increased HVAC system life.


We’ll make sure your property is presentable with proper landscaping and exterior maintenance services.

Escalator Cleaning

Keeping hard-to-maintain escalators clean is essential to keep them running smoothly and maintain positive impressions of the facility.

Light Fixture Cleaning + Relamping

We can optimize the efficiency of your lighting system by as much as 20%, while programmed fixture replacements save time and money.

Handyman Services

Our technicians perform repair, maintenance, and improvement services on buildings that range from corporate offices to casinos.

Hard Surface Floor Maintenance

Our floor cleaning specialties include preventative maintenance and restorative services for hard surface commercial floors.

Transforming a large space with shifting needs and routine construction into a clean and organized workplace.

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We specialize in operational excellence.

For nearly five decades, Platinum has delivered superior facility solutions for our clients. Through expert operations and management oversight, we coordinate comprehensive, progressive solutions that maximize impact on your environments and comply with LEED certification requirements.

You can rely on Platinum as a single, dependable consultant with a comprehensive facility management strategy to optimize the project site and execute at LEED performance standards, every day. With our experience operating better buildings, you know you have a partner in Platinum to handle the details and keep your facility performing at its best.

Our diverse and broad range of experience ensure our staff provides high-quality solutions for your facility and building maintenance needs, from top to bottom and across industries, including:

Corporate Offices
LEED Facilities
Government + Civic
Hospitality + Casino

Optimizing energy consumption and providing high-quality service with a flexible, but focused, strategy

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Learn how Platinum brings quality at every job site, across industries, every day

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Platinum keeps your industrial facility safe and clean, so you can stay productive.

With physical challenges and safety dangers, maintaining industrial plants requires a specialized workforce.

High Bay Cleaning

When dust, dirt and grime accumulate in hard to reach places, we’ll have your industrial facility or commercial property looking new again.

Post Construction Cleaning

We’ll remove dirt and debris that construction crews leave behind, and provide the expertise and elbow grease, so you can move in and get down to business.

Pressure Washing

Our industrial pressure washers are designed to provide the power, reliability, and versatility to handle the toughest professional cleaning needs.

Food Processing

We are locally managed, price competitive, and USDA, FDA and OSHA compliant food safety program with deep staff training to deal with microbiological issues.

Seamless cleaning and facility services.

Trained to prioritize tasks and remain cool under pressure, our experienced management provides custom temporary and event staffing solutions, and directs smooth completion of specialty assignments. Our team members bring exceptional talent and passionate service to every job site, and have earned a reputation for excellence across industries.

We leverage our experience to best serve our clients needs, and possess a network of cross-trained cleaning specialists to deliver exceptional customer experiences with measurable results.

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Maintaining exhibit-quality cleanliness for a museum with high-profile events and fluctuating staffing needs

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Trust our unparalleled experience organizing and mobilizing response after a disaster.

When disaster strikes, Platinum’s knowledgeable and experienced leadership help properties navigate the aftermath of a crisis, with the right equipment onsite and accessible, round the clock.

Emergency Water Restoration

Whether it’s a leak, snowstorm, or hurricane, our experienced management has seen it all and will quickly navigate a path to restoration.

Water Containment + Removal

Platinum’s emergency action protocols quickly curtail water intrusion to effectively minimize damage and losses on the property.

Smoke Restoration

Smoke damage can wreak havoc on a property, and restoration should be handled by experienced professionals to limit further damage.

Fire Damage Recovery

Our specialists are expertly equipped to remove soot particles from surfaces and dispose of fire-damaged materials.

Using national reach and local expertise to help properties through large-scale emergencies and disasters

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Our Accreditations

We’re flattered to be a part of, and recognized by top-tier industry affiliations for our service and hard work.

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