Class A Facility in Jackson, MS requires an extremely efficient and coordinated response in record time. – Platinum Cleaning

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Class A Facility in Jackson, MS requires an extremely efficient and coordinated response in record time.

With an unprecedented response time and unwavering commitment to sustainability, Platinum rises to the occasion for a government client within extremely tight timeline.

Challenge: Prepare a 145,000 sq. ft. Class A building in Jackson, MS for government tenants in record time with difficult logistics.

When a nearly vacant office tower increased to 100% occupancy virtually overnight with only 15 days notice by the State department, Platinum Cleaning and Facility Services’ management team had to go full throttle to manage the site on an extremely expedited timeline. Management worked at double speed to efficiently coordinate the tight transition, by:

  • Gathering and sourcing the necessary equipment and cleaning solutions
  • Hiring, equipping, and training the necessary Platinum workforce
  • Cleaning huge amounts of carpet, and stripping and waxing xxx sq. ft. of Vinyl Commercial Tile flooring
  • Deep cleaning 12 floors that had been previously been shuttered down for several years.
  • Coordinating with building management and four different moving companies
  • Coordinating tricky logistics and framing with a lot of moving parts
  • Preparing for a smooth transition, while the client simultaneously moved in furniture, relocated walls, and installed phone lines and computer lines
  • Keeping staff and client’s employees safe and productive through Platinum’s sustainability program, which uses a green cleaning product system.

Solution: Agile strong communication, together with a skilled, significant labor force of excellent reputation and disciplined inspection processes ensure a seamless transition.

Platinum succeeded in two weeks time with a workforce of experienced janitorial and facility services staff, sourced through their strong national network. Up against the clock, the staff was optimized by a cloud-based time and attendance management system to ensure consistent and effective personnel coverage around the clock throughout the transition. Platinum’s flexible coordination to manage all moving parts and pivot when necessary exceeded expectations for a smooth transition.


  1. Janitorial Maintenance
  2. Carpet Cleaning
  3. Hard Floor Cleaning
  4. Restroom Sanitization
  5. Sustainable Green Cleaning
  6. Trash + Recycling Removal
  7. Floor Sweeping and Vacuuming
  8. Move Management and Coordination (under extreme timeframe)
  9. Planning

Results: Platinum’s leadership position in the market and the region allowed them to source the necessary staff and equipment, and make the Class A building ready for occupancy, despite the aggressive timeframe.

Preparing for a new tenant’s arrival of this caliber and building of this size would normally require 30 – 90 days lead-time, especially with such a high increase to occupancy in that timeframe. Platinum only had 15 days to implement their proprietary, sustainable green cleaning system, and employ a personnel system for continuous coverage of shifts and work orders on a regular basis through an optimized tech management system. With nine buildings in the immediate area, Platinum was able to source local personnel and make it happen, despite the heightened timeline. Employees are cross-trained to know buildings in the area, which contributed to the seamless transition and happy client.

“We are very pleased to be settled in and have staff that come in everyday to vacuum, empty the trash, wipe everything down, clean the carpets and hard floors. Two janitors handle all our daytime needs like cleaning and restocking the restrooms, and cleaning up messes and spills. We couldn’t be happier.”

Platinum uses a sustainable, green cleaning product system, which provides significant cost benefits, as well as safety benefits for their staff and their clients’ employees. Since its inception more than 50 years ago, Platinum knows what it takes to maintain perfection day in, day out, while providing seamless cleaning and facility services for the health of your business.

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