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Maintaining exhibit-quality cleanliness for a museum with high-profile events and fluctuating staffing needs

Platinum’s streamlined communication system and optimized staffing changes bring cleanliness and efficiency to a museum client.

Challenge: Consistently maintain exhibit-quality cleanliness for a busy, globally recognized museum.

As a hub for high-profile dignitaries, media, tourists, and educational field trips, the Museum of Tolerance needed continuous and careful cleaning that would not distract guests. The museum’s high traffic also meant that heavily-used floor and wall surfaces were prone to fast deterioration. Without a budgetary increase, Platinum developed a regimented cleaning system to maintain exhibit-quality cleanliness by:

  • Introducing a new staff, including a full-time operations manager
  • During high-profile events on the property, providing as-needed specialty and events staffing to prepare and keep the facility looking its best
  • Implementing an optimized scheduling system that monitored timesheets, provided real-time staffing updates, and increased staff during daytime and peak hours
  • Incorporating a high-touch communication system that included consistent management meetings and open communication with the client
  • Conducting formal weekly site inspections with upper management and introducing cloud-based inspection software
  • Regularly cleaning museum specialty floor surfaces with neutral pH detergents and disinfectants
  • Including heat-based carpet extraction cleaning as part of scheduled services

Solution: Open communication, an organized staff, and advanced technology that sustain high-quality of service even in high-traffic areas.

Platinum maintained the impeccable cleanliness of its museum client by introducing a new staff alongside an open communication system, optimized scheduling, and a disciplined inspection system that allowed upper management to review photos of the site and stay current with the client’s demands. The staff also responded to manage accelerated surface deterioration with state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning techniques and regular cleanings of the museum’s specialty floor surfaces. Platinum’s reorganization of personnel and new sanitation methods improved the museum’s cleanliness and allowed for more accountability, responsiveness, and efficiency.


  1. Heat-Based Carpet Extraction
  2. High-Traffic Site Maintenance
  3. Janitorial Maintenance
  4. Floor Sweeping and Vacuuming
  5. Site Inspections
  6. Specialty Floor Cleaning
  7. Restroom Sanitation
  8. Specialty + Event Staffing
  9. Planning

Results: Platinum’s staff reorganization, high-touch communication system, and effective cleaning methods maintained the large museum’s high quality of cleanliness.

While an unresponsive staff or poorly performing vendor could cause high-traffic areas to deteriorate, Platinum’s approach services the client’s museum and office building spaces with new scheduling technology, routine site inspections, and an attentive communication system that accounts for sensitivities. Thrilled with the level of cleanliness and strong partner they have with Platinum, the client has become Platinum’s #1 referral in California.

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