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Platinum’s quick response to a high-rise office fire and alarm sprinkler system mitigates damage and ensures human safety

Platinum’s quick-thinking, exceptionally-trained team takes the lead when a small fire in a high-rise tower in New Orleans triggers an immediate, multi-faceted crisis.

CHALLENGE: Sprinkler system triggered by the fire causes major water flow and potential property damage.

When a small fire broke out on the 10th floor of a high-rise office tower and set off the sprinkler system, thousands of gallons of water began soaking the floor, expanding into larger and larger lakes. The Platinum Cleaning & Facility Services’ management team was called in to quickly and efficiently:

  • Get the water under control.
  • Ensure human safety and protect against further property damage.
  • Clean and restore the area in a timely fashion to get the business up and running without delay.

SOLUTION: Platinum quickly brought together a highly trained team to clear out the flood and restore the premises to good working condition.

Platinum answered the call with experienced leadership at the helm. After immediately directing the 10th floor to vacate the building, Platinum leadership drew on personnel and equipment resources in the area, and pulled in a janitorial and facility services crew to handle the emergency at a moment’s notice — even before the fire department was on the scene.
With the necessary crew and tools in hand, Platinum began the difficult job of getting the water under control. Working together, they accomplished the task in approximately six hours, handling the bulk of disaster recovery within the day with little trace of the event, except for the many blowers that were completing the carpet drying process. By the following day, the building was open, and all offices were in use again after the weekend.


  1. Water Restoration
  2. Carpet Cleaning
  3. Floor Sweeping and Vacuuming
  4. Disaster Recovery

RESULTS: Thanks to the professionalism and exceptional training of Platinum’s team, there was virtually no trace of a fire or flood.

The team removed the water from the site and brought the premises back to order without delay. A very appreciative client attributes the successful conclusion to the positive attitude of every team member when faced with unexpected tasks and responsibilities. “Without their efforts, the restoration could have taken weeks and the cost could have exponentially increased.”

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