Using national reach and local expertise to help properties through large-scale emergencies and disasters – Platinum Cleaning

Disaster Recovery

Using national reach and local expertise to help properties through large-scale emergencies and disasters

Platinum brings the resources and services of a large, leading national provider to assist clients in preparing their properties for and promptly recovering from disasters.

Systemizing responses well ahead of crises, prioritizing safety first, and implementing technological innovations that streamline communication make Platinum a forerunner in effectively organizing and mobilizing teams in response to a disaster.

Disasters are difficult to predict, so preparation, resources, and experience are paramount to help properties navigate the aftermath of a crisis. To ensure adequate preparedness, equipment, and planning up front, Platinum’s seasoned leadership develop key disaster procedures such as:

  • Implementing a quick response team of experienced personnel
  • Working with local management and sharing equipment and personnel with other Platinum facilities in the area
  • Implementing a 1-800 number that management can use to update and communicate with employees
  • Conducting an early risk or disaster management assessment when selecting a property or contract
  • Cleaning up debris following storms
  • Cleaning up and restoring water damage
    Posting disaster procedures

Platinum’s comprehensive approach to preparing for and rebuilding after disasters enables safe, thorough, and effective responses to large crises. Platinum’s knowledgeable local management have experience with weather-related disasters in their regions, and know how to respond to storm movement, the conditions and facility issues that storms can cause, and the service portfolio to provide when disasters occur. In regions where Platinum has a large local presence, supervisors are able to cross-utilize tools and personnel, ensuring that each facility receives the equipment that it needs to respond to crises.

Safety is Platinum’s chief priority: Teams are equipped with hardhats, safety glasses, respirators, bright fluorescent vests for daytime and night time visibility, gloves, and steel-toe boots. Technological preparations like shared drives that provide real-time access to employee contact information further advance Platinum’s commitment to reassessing and innovating to better protect teams during and after disasters.


  1. Disaster Cleanup
  2. Disaster Preparation
  3. Reconstruction
  4. Risk Assessments
  5. Water Cleanup
  6. Water Restoration

Results: Platinum’s thorough preparation, prioritization of safety, and use of technological innovation have proven invaluable in the effective response to disasters.

When hurricanes left New Orleans in devastation, Platinum’s comprehensive preparation allowed for a well-planned response. The initial risk assessments conducted ensured Platinum was prepared and properly equipped to deal with the debris, glass, trash, water damage, and even fallen limbs in post-hurricane cleanup. With the 1-800 number in place for management communications and updates, employees know exactly what they’re supposed to do in real-time, despite cell town interference and downed landlines. Some supervisors even led the response charge of local companies recovering from Hurricane Katrina, helping the city get back on its feet following the disaster. Platinum’s intelligent response to Hurricane Katrina demonstrates why Platinum has received highly positive feedback regarding its preparation and safety protocols for disasters.

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