NBA All-Star Weekend event requires seamless specialty and event staffing services with discretion. – Platinum Cleaning


NBA All-Star Weekend event requires seamless specialty and event staffing services with discretion.

Platinum brought exceptional service to this high-profile and star-studded event during NBA All-Star Weekend, delivered with the utmost integrity and responsibility.

CHALLENGE: Maintain clean and refreshed bathrooms, remove trash, and monitor the event area at the Santa Monica pier to ensure the flow of 3000+ guests ran smoothly.

In February 2018, Bleacher Report hosted an event for NBA All-Star Weekend at the Santa Monica pier. Platinum Cleaning & Facility Services was brought on board to clean, manage flow, and coordinate maintenance logistics with the event production company, 10 Fold Entertainment — before, during, and after the event.

  • Staff event with a professional team for setup, cleanup and operations
  • Ensure waste removal systems are compliant with recycling requirements set forth by city of Santa Monica
  • Attend to the needs of the event production company as well as vendors, including McDonalds and Samsung

SOLUTION: A high level of communication, engagement and preparedness from Platinum’s professional team ensures the event goes off without a hitch.

On the job, Platinum kept one step ahead at all times and attended to details, from setup to cleanup, without the need for the client to manage Platinum staff or delegate instructions. The level of professionalism Platinum staff maintained in regard to the high-profile environment was without fail as there were professional athletes, entertainers, and celebrities in attendance. Service was always delivered with a smile and complemented the energy and enthusiasm displayed by the hosts.


  1. Event Staffing
  2. Preparedness + Planning
  3. Trash + Recycling Removal
  4. Janitorial Maintenance
  5. Move Management and Coordination

RESULTS: Platinum’s level of professionalism paid off with a highly successful event and high praises from the client.

Platinum received nothing but high praise and gratitude from the client for bringing exceptional service with upbeat, personable energy. The setup and punctuality Platinum demonstrated far exceeded the needs and expectations of the client. So impressed, Platinum’s top-rate service has led the client to refer Platinum for additional high-profile events in the area.

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